Heavy on the Beach

by Grand Tour

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For Grand Tour, 2005 was the year it all started...having played keyboards with Glasgow’s Abel Ganz since 1982, Hew Montgomery had begun to feel the need to take more direct control of his own material as the Ganz machine moved off in a slightly different musical direction from his. Grand Tour was born from a long held fascination with the cold war years and the nuclear stand-off between the super powers - the film “On the Beach” was a huge influence to the music as well, and many of the musical ideas flowed from the visual imagery of the movie.


released February 2, 2015


all rights reserved



Grand Tour Glasgow, UK

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Track Name: It's Come to This
Here I am, sitting all alone.
Down on the beach, no one to reach
Out a friendly hand, just the empty sand –
I can’t believe this was how it was planned.

So I turn and face, far out to sea
Watching the waves of death rolling to me.
And all hope has gone, faded with the dawn
Blinding my sight with an unearthly light.
Track Name: Time Runs Out
1 – There’s a place in my nightmares,
Where the sand is always hot between my toes.
And it’s always in my nightmares
No matter how time comes and goes.
It’s filled with faces seeking answers
But I don’t know what tomorrow brings.
They scan the skies for their salvation,
But still can’t see what the future brings

2 – There’s no hope in my nightmares
While the sand is always hot between my toes.
I see terror in my nightmares;
No saving angel ever shows.
But still the faces seeking answers
Though they know well what tomorrow brings
As from the skies rains down damnation,
They brace themselves for the reckoning.

3 - Is it one step closer to heaven, or a slippery slide to hell?
When the rockets fly in a clear blue sky
And the time runs out as well.
As the wind blows deadly poison, on eyes turned to the light
Watch the sun burn out in a mushroom cloud
‘til the dust shuts down their sight.

Chorus - The birds have flown but there’s more coming home,
Bringing their message of death.
There’s no way out of this nightmare;
No hiding from this poisonous breath.
So here we are on the water’s edge,
Waiting for the missiles to land
It’s a scene straight out of my nightmares,
A hell that heats the burning sand.

4 - Should I turn and run for shelter, should I die right where I stand?
Should I hold your hand and look into your eyes,
Hold the moment while we can?
Paying for the crimes and the feelgood times, wasting the final breath
As the vapour trails greet the final wails
And the sky lights up in death.

Repeat Chorus
Track Name: The Horn of Plenty
I remember years gone by
And a sun in a clear blue sky.
Children playing on the silver sands
Others scheming in a far off land.
We’ve relinquished all those facts and figures
Lost in mists of time;
The cornucopia overflowed
With greed from when you played your role.

Realised that time had gone
Strolling on the beach, all alone.
Held a gun against my head,
But I chose to live the lie instead.
Is there anything that helps us
As we contemplate the end
The tears may start to flow
But who the hell will care, my friend?

Do recollections of the past make sense?
Forgetting all we’ve taught and all we’ve learned.
Hostile mind games creep into our lives tonight
Suppose I’ll just wake up and see a brave new world
Can I just say that you’ll be there at the end?

Will the people we were taught to hate
Forgive what you mean to do now?
As the consequence dictate
Where you stood on your moral high ground.
On the beach where once the children played
There’s lifeless shoes today.
The enemy of our state
Is still around to shoot you down.

Welcome to the dawning of a new today,
Welcome to a world that’s nothing like you say.
A stranger walks amongst us on the shore today
A new god on the sand where now his children play.
But a new god to the world who looks away…now.
Track Name: On the Radio
1 – There’s the sound of life calling me from the radio,
Like a still small voice in the silence of the night.
Flying through the air from a distant place it speaks to me.
Filling me with hope that there’s someone else still free.

2 – So I scan the airwaves looking for a sign from the radio,
But there’s no one else searching for a friend.
Just that still small sound of life beyond this empty sea
Where no one else can listen in but me.

…and my hope builds up with every sound, on the radio.

3 – Then the sound of life faded from the radio
Crushed my heart and left me to my fate.
Cold as my soul lies the friend that was my radio
Smashed upon the rocks way down below.

….and all hope has gone as silence screams, on the radio.

4 – Now I’m running free in this empty place,
And the tears stream down my face.
Crying for the last hope gone,
Crying for my friend.
My radio was my last link
With anyone out there.
But it tricked me with a hopeful sound
A pain too much to bear.

My last chance has come and gone, the end is almost here
There’s no one riding in to save the last man left alive - I survived!
On this sandy waste dies out the master race;
Is this beach of deadly wind my final resting place?
I’m alone, all alone.
The voice no longer speaks
Of the hope that sang to me, on the radio.

5 - Down here, on the beach
The radio lies dead beside the sea.
And out there, out of reach
Was someone sending signals back to me.
But it turned out wrong, and everyone had gone
And left me on my own.
So I’m still here; I’m all alone
Waiting for the end…

…I’m out on the beach.

6 – Out there, in the sky
The airwaves bring no messages of cheer.
And out there, winds still sigh
But carry no more voices to my ear.
Why it all went wrong, and no one really won.
I’m left to wonder why.
As I sit here; all alone
Waiting for the end…

I’m out on the beach.

Coda – Did we miss the second coming?
Or was there nothing there at all?
And if our last chance has been blown
Then there’s nowhere else to be,
But out on the beach.

All alone, alone on the beach…
Track Name: Heavy on the Beach
1 - Somebody told us to be happy,
(To) wait for salvation on the beach.
As I joined the line for my happy pills,
(Sal)vation seemed far out of reach.
Somebody told us to be glad,
(But) watching the faces only makes me sad.
Told us that hope was all we’d ever had
(But) somehow I still keep feeling bad.

Chorus - (My heart feels) heavy, on the beach
Where desperate souls are standing next to me.
My soul feels empty, on the beach
Where frightened eyes are all that I can see

2 – No more delusion from the radio
Whose message has flown on the breeze
No more hopeful voices on the crowded shore
As death rolls in across the sea.
Couldn’t find an answer in our fantasies
Played out in the final fleeting days.
Couldn’t find an answer in salvation’s band
Now silent and forsaken on the way.

Chorus - (My heart feels) heavy, on the beach
Where desperate souls are standing next to me.
My soul feels empty, on the beach
Where frightened eyes are all that I can see

Vocal Bridge 1 – I will cling, onto hope
While my friends are all around me by the sea
I will dare, to believe
That there’s something else beyond, awaiting me.
And though we may be dead and gone
I pray our souls find peace beyond.
As we wait, and we watch
For salvation from the shimm’ring sky.

3 - So I’ll welcome everybody, I can reach
To an end of the world party, on this beach.
And when there’s no one else to call
And the silence starts to fall
I’ll find myself a quiet space
My final resting place,
On the beach.

5 – Suddenly I look around, aware that all is silent
On the beach.
Suddenly I realise the party’s almost over,
On the beach.
I gaze into the staring eyes,
Still looking upwards to the skies.
I know my time is coming near
And I’m the last one standing here…
On the beach.

Vocal Bridge 3 – Now, the darkness is complete
And the fiery wind
Took my breath away.
Now, my end is really here
And the dreams are gone
As I close my eyes.

Vocal Coda – Now there’s no on left alive, on the beach
(repeat ad lib)
Track Name: The Grand Tour (part 2)
1 - When a curtain falls, does it mean the end?
As the critics leave, you can hear them condemn
All of a sudden things will fall into place,
End games are easy if corruption waits.
Templates for learning how to cheat your foes
Sleight of hand and lying, are what they chose.
Welcome all and sundry to the end,
Perfect isolation once again.

2 – As the silos close after all was sent,
Do you justify your actions; were you just hell bent?
Quiet underground except the echoes now
Choking dust and debris fill the tunnels how?
Afterschocks and earthquakes split the concrete shells
Of an industry of madness made in heaven’s hell
Mayhem all around us in the end,
This is what we wanted, I pretend
Venting my anger on the few,
Lessons learned that we already knew.

Chorus – Save me, take my soul
Save my children, not my home
God can you hear me, or am I alone?
Save me, take my soul.

3 – There were purple hearts meant for brave young men
That will not be won now the bomb’s been sent.
Eradicate all within its path,
No room for generals or general staff.
Little boys and fatmen fall from way up high
Destinations all around them blown up to the sky.
Slowly they burn up in the end
No one escapes them, do we care?

4 – Pyrotechnic flares reach across the land
There are northern suns, setting in the south
Beneficial watch towers crumble now
A fundamental statement – but who gives a damn?
Well informed religions cannot save themselves
Nor can zealots or dictators find peace and calm
Heroes and cowards look the same
Is it any wonder there’s no shame?
Their useless observations are the same
The bloody minded killing’s just a game.

Coda - The Party is well and truly over,
And our ballistic missiles target no-one.
When you went away, nothing more to say
Is it any wonder that I stayed and wept for you, you fools?

I sit all alone with just my memories
Of once and future dreams for my children.
Emptiness and pain, glorified insane
Wasted on an individual’s dreams for global power, you fools!

I am the king, I am the Queen
I am the God of all religions now.
There’s nothing I cannot achieve, no pain, no feelings or disease
Will end my days, you fools.

But I believe in God whose Holy Ghost
Will come to take me home.
I am the last one to survive and no one else is left alive
On this lonely beach.

Take me home again, take me home again.
Take me, take me, take me
Home again (x ad lib)

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