The Grand Tour (part 2)

from by Grand Tour

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1 - When a curtain falls, does it mean the end?
As the critics leave, you can hear them condemn
All of a sudden things will fall into place,
End games are easy if corruption waits.
Templates for learning how to cheat your foes
Sleight of hand and lying, are what they chose.
Welcome all and sundry to the end,
Perfect isolation once again.

2 – As the silos close after all was sent,
Do you justify your actions; were you just hell bent?
Quiet underground except the echoes now
Choking dust and debris fill the tunnels how?
Afterschocks and earthquakes split the concrete shells
Of an industry of madness made in heaven’s hell
Mayhem all around us in the end,
This is what we wanted, I pretend
Venting my anger on the few,
Lessons learned that we already knew.

Chorus – Save me, take my soul
Save my children, not my home
God can you hear me, or am I alone?
Save me, take my soul.

3 – There were purple hearts meant for brave young men
That will not be won now the bomb’s been sent.
Eradicate all within its path,
No room for generals or general staff.
Little boys and fatmen fall from way up high
Destinations all around them blown up to the sky.
Slowly they burn up in the end
No one escapes them, do we care?

4 – Pyrotechnic flares reach across the land
There are northern suns, setting in the south
Beneficial watch towers crumble now
A fundamental statement – but who gives a damn?
Well informed religions cannot save themselves
Nor can zealots or dictators find peace and calm
Heroes and cowards look the same
Is it any wonder there’s no shame?
Their useless observations are the same
The bloody minded killing’s just a game.

Coda - The Party is well and truly over,
And our ballistic missiles target no-one.
When you went away, nothing more to say
Is it any wonder that I stayed and wept for you, you fools?

I sit all alone with just my memories
Of once and future dreams for my children.
Emptiness and pain, glorified insane
Wasted on an individual’s dreams for global power, you fools!

I am the king, I am the Queen
I am the God of all religions now.
There’s nothing I cannot achieve, no pain, no feelings or disease
Will end my days, you fools.

But I believe in God whose Holy Ghost
Will come to take me home.
I am the last one to survive and no one else is left alive
On this lonely beach.

Take me home again, take me home again.
Take me, take me, take me
Home again (x ad lib)


from Heavy on the Beach, released February 2, 2015



all rights reserved


Grand Tour Glasgow, UK

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